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Too Hot for Social - Vol. 4 | Ottawa Couples Boudoir Session

Have you ever thought about having a steamy couples session with your partner?

Well, we do those! Our studio has policies in place to keep everyone on track during the session, but that doesn't mean they can't be steamy!

I recently have taken a course and tried a bunch of new things to grow as a boudoir photographer. I have got to say, I'm obsessed with all of these! I have known Cate for 2.5 years almost and we instantly connected and became great friends. Her and her husband, Tyler, also modelled for me for a Wedding winery Elopement session back in the summer and we had so much fun so I asked if they would be down for a couples shoot to which they said "HECK YA!"

I knew they would be a great couples to get back into photographing couples (it's been a hot minute) and they were more than happy to grant a release for me as well, which is ALWAYS hard to get since they can be such intimate images. I do want to grow more from here and get a bit more steamy but my comfort zone for the time being is that underwear must still stay on during the whole shoot. We do not photograph Erotica at this time but don't worry - we can still get those steamy shots with boundaries present!

Let's check out these photos now, hall we?!

We started our shoot with a semi-formal look with Tyler in a white button up and jeans and Cate a hot little black number.

Then we got a little more undressed....

Tyler removed his dress shirt and cate removed the dress.

Then we made our way to the bed.

Annnnd then we got a little more nakey.

Time for another outfit switch!

Cate in a black bodysuit and Tyler in some fun Boxers with broccoli on them!

This pose we had fun getting into... Cate took the reins to show Tyler what to do after my words didn't make sense (she get's me. LOL!) and we just gender bent a bit and went for it!!

Then Tyler got it and STEAMYY!!

And we ended with a cute little cuddle sesh! Look at those eyes though!! *SWOON!*

Who else needs a cold shower?! WOOOSH.

Want to have your own couples shoot? Let's set up a Zoom meeting with you and your partner and we can go over everyone boundaries and figure out what you're looking for to make your couples session as steamy or tame as you'd like!

XO Leesa


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