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About Leesa

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer
Ottawa Boudoir Photographer


Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

I am an energetic, loving, fun(ny) gal with an amazing husband named Matt, a beautiful baby girl named Thea Skye + 2 insane cats, Loki (named after the god of mischeif) + Lola (named after my favourite wine). I never planned on becoming a boudoir photographer, it just kinda happened. I went to school in hopes to become a forensic photographer. When that wasn't able to happen, I decided to try my own thing, which has lead me to this amazing life!


Besides loving wine, coffee + tacos, what else do I love? Well, for starters I collect shot glasses + vintage film cameras. Every city, province, state or country I visit, I make sure to pick up a shot glass for my collection. I can't function without at least a large coffee in the morning + my favourite shows are Grey's Anatomy + Schitt's Creek (hence the contact form sample names - check it if you missed it).


Most importantly, personal or business, my biggest goal is to make everyone feel comfortable. Comfortable with who you are now, where ever you are in your journey we call life! I bring this motto into my boudoir side of business but it applies to all walks of life + to every single human. 

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer


If you are looking for a serious boudoir photographer, that is not me. I am silly, I will make you laugh and we will have a fun AF time! 

The first time I photographed a boudoir session, I was so nervous. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into, but I was also trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my photography journey. So, I showed up to my clients home (yup, I would go to my clients home before my studio existed) and we shot for probably 2.5 hours because I had no idea what I was doing.

Luckily, it was one of my friends so it was fine making all the silly mistakes and they were so very understanding. The photos turned out beautiful and we even turned it into a couples session! It was so much fun and I left feeling so confident in myself - I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be boosting my clients confidence, but I ended up boosting mine too! 

I knew from that moment I wanted to continue this boudoir journey. I invested in TONS of education, learnt posing, hosted marathons at AirBnb's, worked with countless models and now I am one of the best boudoir photographers in Ottawa! 

My clients love their experiences with me, leave feeling like a badass, have started a self-love journey after and continue to come back for more! Boudoir does not have to be a once in a lifetime opportunity - you can come back how ever often you want and celebrate your ever changing body. Being women, our bodies go through so many changes so I encourage everyone to celebrate the skin they are in NOW and if you want to come back again when you reach a specific goal, DO IT! Boudoir is so much fun and not just about taking sexy photos to gift to your spouse - celebrate you because you deserve to treat yourself!

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

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