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10 Reasons to have a Boudoir Session | Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

Firstly, you don't NEED a reason to have a boudoir session, but a lot of people like to have an excuse to get them built up into finally doing one.

Throughout my years of photographing women, I have had many reasons people have done a session with me, so, I figured I would share some of them!

  1. To celebrate yourself - birthday, divorce, new job, etc.

  2. Getting married - it's great gift for the spouse to be, but always still have the shoot for YOURSELF first!

  3. Celebrate a weight loss goal or fitness goal you have been working on

  4. To boost your confidence - fun fact: confidence comes AFTER you do the shoot!

  5. To spice it up in the bedroom - boost that libido and sex drive, baby!

  6. A way to remember how hot you looked when you look back at your photos when you're 80+ years old

  7. Fun and unique date night with your partner - yes, we do couples sessions!

  8. Celebrate motherhood - show off what your amazing body has been through!

  9. Do something you haven't ever done before and knock it off a bucket list!

  10. Have an entire day totally focused on YOU!

Don't wait until you "feel good" about yourself. There will never be a best time to have a boudoir session - there is never a better time than NOW.

So what are you waiting for?! Inquire today!!

XO, Leesa


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