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Too Hot for Social - Vol. 2 | Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Mr. Grey will see you now...

Have you ever been interested in how to be a little more risqué for your boudoir shoot? This post is for you!

**Trigger Warning: Nipples, Butts and Kinky shit is about to be shown. If you don't like it, don't continue reading this!**

To pass my time during this pandemic, I've been taking part in a whole bunch of "Live Sessions". If you haven't heard of these, here's a brief description:

The most popular thing is doing FaceTime sessions where the photographer gives you all the direction remotely and then takes screenshots of the person on the other end! It keeps us photographers staying creative and also helps us work on our posing descriptions when we can't be there to show you exactly how it's done. The ones that I have been doing have been in Photography Facebook Groups where a model goes live in the group, does her/his thing and we take screenshots by either using our phones or, like me, their computers. The photos usually turn out very grainy and blurry so the quality is not at professional standards. There are apps out there to help with this, but it still will never look perfect and the perfectionist in me has a hard time not making the photos as sharp as they should be. So don't worry, they won't be replacing any professional photographers jobs because you can't print them and the editing is very limited - you will still need to see photographers in person for the quality work!

The live shoots have actually helped me as a photographer giving me posing ideas and studio ideas (I bought a new velvet couch and bed frame/headboard already.....). It's also made me super jealous of some of these spaces we've had the honour of virtually being in! Serious studio goals for some of these.

This shoot I'm sharing here today couldn't be posted on Facebook because it was, well... you'll see...

Taylor is a professional model and photographer in Toronto who specializes in this type of photography. I've never done a kink shoot before so it was definitely an experience - it also helped that the studio was super cool Taylor was shooting in and the person doing the camera work was using an actual camera so the quality was amazing. It was a great first experience!

So without further adieu, get ready to get your kink on!

Trigger your inner badass babe with your own boudoir session! Empower yourself and gain the confidence you didn't know you had all along. Click here to book your shoot TODAY!

XO Leesa

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