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Boudoir Sessions: Expectations vs. Reality

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Sometimes I can be funny. And sometimes I can be serious. In this post, I tried to be both. This post is about some expectations people have with their sessions. So I'm here to break it down for you! I hope you enjoy, get a laugh and also take some things away! So without further ado, the expectations and realities of a boudoir session...

Expectation: I’m going to look and feel sexy while doing it!

Reality: BAHAHAHA! No you won’t. You’re going to be thinking to yourself, “There is no way this looks good. There is no possible way!! I’m shaking like a leaf, my mouth is hanging open, my neck is twisted funny, am I cross eyed?!?” But you just gotta have faith in me! You’ve seen the proof, it’s magical! It just doesn’t feel magical in the process.

Expectation: It’s going to be easy!

Reality: Oh, babe… it’s… a lot of work. You’re going to get sweaty, you’re going to get shaky in poses, you’re going to be sore (even those of you who think, “Psh, ok…”). Think of yoga, now amp it up a bit, now up a bit more. You’re stretching SO many muscles in your body. I tell you it feels like an intense work out because it is.

Expectation: I just have to lay there!

Reality: Nope Nope Nope! You have to arch, bend, reach, stretch, squeeze. I'm going to put your body through a lot but just remember it’s out of looooove! I want you to have the BEST experience and that means I have to mildly torture you (just kidding...kinda...). Don’t let it scare you off, it’s not as bad as I make it sound and the final result is so so worth it!!

Expectation: They’ll photoshop that away!

Reality: WRONG! I don’t photoshop. I remove anything that isn’t permanent like bruises or blemishes (if you’ve got a wicked killer bruise though, we might reschedule you because you’re probably in pain and we don’t want to push you when you’re already hurting). You need to see you how others see you. This is not about contorting yourself into something you aren’t. This is about starting or continuing your body love journey. Your body does not need to be photoshopped or fixed. It’s a body and it’s doing exactly as intended.

Expectation: I’m too awkward!

Reality: I will tell and show you how to do everything - including how to breathe!! You will not have the ability to be awkward. Once you make it through your first pose, you will be a damn natural and that thought will go right out the window! Plus, I'm a huge dork so I'll take that awkwardness for ya. ;)

Expectation: I don’t wear or own lingerie, I can’t do this!

Reality: I personally don’t know anyone who just hangs around their house in a bodysuit. The typical cycle of owning lingerie goes something like this: I bought this super cute thing, wears super cute thing for five minutes, tucks it away in a drawer to keep it safe, run out of clean underwear and wear the super cute thing, put super cute thing in rotation, eventually throw super cute thing away. The cool thing about boudoir is you don't have to wear lingerie. You can wear a dress, sweaters, leggings, bodysuits, crop tops, jackets, robes SO MANY THINGS!!

Expectation: Leesa can never make me look that good!

Reality: LIAR!! As I say on the regular, “You are a badass and no one can tell you different!" You are a damn glorious unicorn, in every damn way, and yeah, you do look that damn good.

I hope you learned something, had some fun, and that I eased some of your fears. Are you a past client and we missed something? Tell everyone in the comments! Sharing knowledge is beneficial to all of us, so tell us what you got!!

XO Leesa

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